All we are is dust in the wind

Sharm El Sheikh (Nov 2010) 066 redigert

Sharm El Sheikh (Nov 2010) 221 redigert


Sharm El Sheikh (Nov 2010) 240 redigert


Sharm El Sheikh (Nov 2010) 003


Sharm El Sheikh (Nov 2010) 159 redigert


Sharm El Sheikh (Nov 2010) 156 redigert


Sharm El Sheikh (Nov 2010) 157


Sharm El Sheikh (Nov 2010) 067 redigert

When I was home for Christmas I found one of my old hard drives with tonnes of pictures I’ve taken in earlier years. Among them were these pictures from a family trip to Sharm El Sheikh in ’10. I must say, looking at these pictures really makes me wanna jump on the next plane and go somewhere nice and warm, escaping the cold winter months we’re only half way through!

It’s good to be back in Edinburgh with new courses and chance of a new start with everything both school wise and personal. I’ve joined the gym and planning on some new societies as well, hoping to get in shape and have more energy during the day! Hopefully there will also be more time to do creative projects this semester. I have so many ideas for photo shoots and four beautiful flat mates that can model (if they want, haha!), all I need is time to do it!

Haggis Adventures 3-day Skye High Trip – Day 3 (part 2)

The last part from the 3-day trip around Scotland!

Autumn is here in all its amazing colors, I love it! Nothing can beat that special smell of autumn air when walking in the woods taking pictures of the leaves in their fall-colors. This trip was so amazing, I’m really glad I got the opportunity for me and my sunshine to experience this trip almost completely for free!

Haggis Adventures 3-day Skye High Trip – Day 2


Day two! The liquid sunshine disappeared and left us with some real sun and nice temperatures. We left the hostel and Loch Ness early in the morning, heading for the Isle of Skye! We were told that Skye most likely would be a rather cold and misty experience, but to our big surprise (and the guide who couldn’t stop saying “oh my god, a very, very nice day indeed”) instead of fog and cold we were met with sunshine and warmth! Hurray!

We stopped in a tiny town for lunch, and me and my sunshine went on our own walk discovering this old tower of some sort with the most amazing view. A perfect place to act like the Vikings we are and scream “Norwaaay”!

Haggis Adventures 3-day Skye High Trip – Day 1

Finally, the weekend was here! This trip was amazing in so many ways. Can’t believe I won this!

We depatured from Edinburgh at 08.30 in the morning with the Haggis-bus with 27 other people and our own guide for the trip named “Paddy”. He called the rainy weather for liquid sunshine and wanted us to scream “AYE” as pirates when he called our name. Funny guy.

The first day was a lot of driving, but also a lot of stops at different places to take some photos. I must say, what a pretty country this is. The nature was just amazing, even with all the rain and fog!

We stopped at the Commando Memorial Area of remembrance, which made a really strong impression. Young men in their twenties, same age as myself, who died fighting in Afghanistan,. Some of the memorials were dated the 80’s, while some others were as new as 2012…

After driving the whole day with plenty of amazing stops, we finally arrived at Inverness and Loch Ness where we stayed at a hostel for the first night.

Part two coming up!

That trip that gets stuck in your mind

In ’09 my family and I went to South Africa on safari for ten days.
It was the best trip ever, and I still find myself thinking of going back almost every day.

School is challenging, but really interesting at the same time, even though I must say most of the lectures we have leaves me sitting there like a big question mark. Hopefully this will get easier after a while when I’m more used to everything happening in English.

It’s finally weekend, which means time to relax and spend some time with my sunshine. Hoping to fit a trip to Leith in to my schedule today. I have a promise to keep and a postcard to send.

Promise to post some more pictures from Edinburgh and hopefully Leith in the near future, due to crappy weather there hasn’t been much opportunities to go on adventures with my camera this week.


Happy birthday to my good friend Camilla today! Miss you, you little ginger. You would fit in perfect here! Haha

People are always asking me if I know Tyler Durden

My sunshine gave me a book this winter, which name I can’t share, cause I would be breaking the first rule.
Any guesses?

Managed to dig up my old photoshop elements from the bookshelf, don’t think it will be enough, I miss photoshop CS5.
Today my sunshine and I are planning a trip to the zoo! Fun!

Up high

After a lot of days mostly containing work, work and more work, my sunshine and I finally have a few days were we can look forward to enjoy the summer together. I’ve taken a lot of pictures lately and will be posting them here as soon as I get some kind of editing program up and running.
Crazy how much I depend on photoshop, Paint just doesn’t do the trick…

Plastic cups


Last night I arranged a surprise party for Anja, one of my best friends. Great people and good food!
Pics will be posted soon!

Sculpture made out of plastic cups.
From my trip to Hamar, visiting my sunshine.