Chameleon with friends

Went to the zoo with my sunshine and fell in love with all the amazing colors on the chameleon and lizzards. Can’t wait to start my four year study in zoology this september, in Edinburgh. Still waiting for an answer from the Uni of Edinburgh…
Got sick, again, but managed to download lightroom (yay, pirates!). Will be posting more pictures now that I’ve got a editing program again!

People are always asking me if I know Tyler Durden

My sunshine gave me a book this winter, which name I can’t share, cause I would be breaking the first rule.
Any guesses?

Managed to dig up my old photoshop elements from the bookshelf, don’t think it will be enough, I miss photoshop CS5.
Today my sunshine and I are planning a trip to the zoo! Fun!

Plastic cups


Last night I arranged a surprise party for Anja, one of my best friends. Great people and good food!
Pics will be posted soon!

Sculpture made out of plastic cups.
From my trip to Hamar, visiting my sunshine.