Some creative projects

Went to a marked earlier this summer in my home made dress, trying to sell some of the things I’ve made. My sunshine went with me, being super patient and cute. Bought the prettiest little blue purse. Used more than I earned this day, but heck, pretty blue purse! You can find the bows here.

I’m back home from my trip to Bergen, but not for long! Leaving for Oslo on friday, visiting more friends. So many to visit and so little time to do so before leaving! 17 days to go!

My shop is open!

So, the 13th of August, this blog will be one month old. Hoping to reach 1000 page views before that.

The photo shoot I had planned this week got postponed because my model got sick. Can’t really take good pictures when the model is pale and sick.


But some good news: my shop is open!

Press the pictures to go to my new shop! Hope someone find something they like here. Feedback is really appreciated!

Do your ears hang low? Can you tie them in a bow?

My personal cheering team: a little kitty from the Animal Protection Bergen (gift from my sunshine), John Lennon in Sgt. Peppers outfit (also from my sunshine), Gary from Spongebob, cutest “cat” ever, a fabric mouse I made during my year at Folkehøgskole, and of course my green love, Shrek.


I’ve had several sewing projects going on this summer, mostly clothing for both children and women, but lately there’s been one thing stuck in my head “making bows”! After making around fifty bows the last couple of days and no place to store them all, I’ve decided to open a shop on Etsy and try to sell some of them. It’s not ready yet, but I will update both on my blog and facebook when it is!


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