All we are is dust in the wind

Sharm El Sheikh (Nov 2010) 066 redigert

Sharm El Sheikh (Nov 2010) 221 redigert


Sharm El Sheikh (Nov 2010) 240 redigert


Sharm El Sheikh (Nov 2010) 003


Sharm El Sheikh (Nov 2010) 159 redigert


Sharm El Sheikh (Nov 2010) 156 redigert


Sharm El Sheikh (Nov 2010) 157


Sharm El Sheikh (Nov 2010) 067 redigert

When I was home for Christmas I found one of my old hard drives with tonnes of pictures I’ve taken in earlier years. Among them were these pictures from a family trip to Sharm El Sheikh in ’10. I must say, looking at these pictures really makes me wanna jump on the next plane and go somewhere nice and warm, escaping the cold winter months we’re only half way through!

It’s good to be back in Edinburgh with new courses and chance of a new start with everything both school wise and personal. I’ve joined the gym and planning on some new societies as well, hoping to get in shape and have more energy during the day! Hopefully there will also be more time to do creative projects this semester. I have so many ideas for photo shoots and four beautiful flat mates that can model (if they want, haha!), all I need is time to do it!

I’ll just walk the earth

It seems like no matter where you go, there is some enormous castle hiding behind the next turn.  It is so pretty here, I still walk around like a tourist with my camera, taking pictures of every single building. We had some nice days now with sun and that great autumn air, which is perfect for taking lang walks and exploring the city even more.

I moved this week to a self catered accommodation and got four amazing flat mates! So happy right now, this was what I wanted the whole time. I can finally make my own food and eat whenever I want!