The last picture from the Viking festival, a detail picture of the amazing beadwork one of the “vikings” were wearing.

Last week of work, hoping to get some time to take some pictures! Got so many ideas, really hope I can get some cool shoots before everyone is leaving for the summer.

Viking: Marita

Taken at the viking festival in Bergen this summer.
This viking’s name is Marita.
Got to love her sword (and hair!).


Spent the whole day outside with my family and my sunshine. Think I got a tan line, or at least a sunburn. Finally, no more pale-jokes!
I have so many pictures piled up now, and at the same time so many posts yet to be posted with pictures taken earlier this summer.  I will be jumping a bit back and forth in time, posting some new and some “old” pictures. These are some of the “old”.
Pics: Some details from the viking festival I went to earlier this summer.
Up next: Pictures of the vikings!