This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore











Model: Katherine Lord
Photo/edit: Marie Danielsen (me)

Proud to share the last bunch of photos from my shoot with Kate! I’m really happy with how they turned out and can’t wait to do another shoot with her. So easy when the person you’re photographing knows how to pose to create cool photos.



He must have been a gardener that cared a lot

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Eighteen steps is one complete set




Some more photos from The Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. They have these storytellers telling different stories in context with the different areas. Would recommend this to everyone! Loved the colours on her outfit, so asked kindly to take a photo of her, which she said yes to (: Pretty!

Eg er støy, eg er som en alarm





Winter is coming

(Press tiny pics to get full view)

Some pictures of Sunniva taken the day before new years eve in ’10.
A day when the temperatures were freezing, but the light was just perfect.

It is finally December and frost on the ground in the morning. I love it!

That trip that gets stuck in your mind

In ’09 my family and I went to South Africa on safari for ten days.
It was the best trip ever, and I still find myself thinking of going back almost every day.

School is challenging, but really interesting at the same time, even though I must say most of the lectures we have leaves me sitting there like a big question mark. Hopefully this will get easier after a while when I’m more used to everything happening in English.

It’s finally weekend, which means time to relax and spend some time with my sunshine. Hoping to fit a trip to Leith in to my schedule today. I have a promise to keep and a postcard to send.

Promise to post some more pictures from Edinburgh and hopefully Leith in the near future, due to crappy weather there hasn’t been much opportunities to go on adventures with my camera this week.


Happy birthday to my good friend Camilla today! Miss you, you little ginger. You would fit in perfect here! Haha


The last picture from the Viking festival, a detail picture of the amazing beadwork one of the “vikings” were wearing.

Last week of work, hoping to get some time to take some pictures! Got so many ideas, really hope I can get some cool shoots before everyone is leaving for the summer.

Warm summer breeze blows endlessly

(Press the tiny pics to get a slide show)

Photos of my good friend, Aurora.
Taken last summer (’11), at a perfect summer day.

I never felt like these pictures got the attention they deserved, so they are getting a second chance here!
I love using Aurora as a model, her face is almost like a little doll, so cute.