Alive and breathing










I’m alive! I survived the exams and finally got to go home for Christmas!

The last couple of days have been so hectic, trying to fit more hours into the day than there is, just to be able to spend time with all the people I want to see! I’ve been upside down in gift wrapping and planning for stuff to do before I go back to Edinburgh in January, and the days just fly by.

After spending almost the entire day shopping for gifts today with lovely Elisabeth, there was finally time for a little creative project!

I’ve wanted to make some tree ornaments that would be both easy and decorative and finally decided to make something with silk ribbons and beads attached to styrofoam. Think my first try turned out pretty good! (And yes, I know I look really dragged and bum-ish on the picture, but hey, a day of shopping in a snow storm will do that to you!)

Love to be home and finally get that Christmas spirit I’ve been waiting for, with a home filled with Santa’s and angels and homemade cookies and tons of snow! I really needed this now. I’ll spend my holiday at home charging my batteries for a new year and a new me. It is time for some changes, which will be a good thing (I hope). I’ve planned at least one shoot this Christmas, with Sunniva, which means more posts and less old pictures to fill up the space, so stay tuned!

Pollock Halls, Edinburgh University

This is where I live! Baird House at Pollock Halls!

Everything is great! Freshers week is (finally) over. I feel too old for this. Partying seven days a week with next to no sleep what so ever, meeting a bunch of new people every day, new names, new places, new rules. I must say, I was a bit exhausted when the week was coming to an end.

Started my lectures on monday, and everything seems so… exciting! Can’t wait do dig down in my 1300-thick biology book! So far this is everything I hoped for, and even more. Hoping to get some time to talk to everyone back home this week, so people, log on to skype!

Oh, yeah, btw: I won a bunch of great stuff at the freshers auction, which I will tell you all about in another post.
Can say as much as this: a free trip costing over £230!

My first post from Edinburgh!

The first picture from Edinburgh. From the hotel we stayed in the first night.

The reception at Pollock Halls, where I live. And Arthurs Seat (the mountain) in the back!

One of the buildings at our campus.

Found these awesome duck-socks at Primark, and convinced my sunshine to buy them. They are so cute!

From Pollock Halls were I live, and to my sunshine, there is a 20 min walk through this beautiful park. Just love having him so close, it makes everything so much easier.

Everything is so great here! I love it! There hasn’t been that much time to sit on the computer, and even less time to go out and take pictures, but after this week things will calm down a bit! I can promise a bunch of amazing pictures in the near future. Almost all the buildings in Edinburgh looks like they could have been in one of the Harry Potter movies. I love that.

I will be posting some more pictures from my photoshoots earlier this summer just so the wait between posts won’t be too long.