My summer in squares





A couple (a lot) of photos from my summer in Norway! It’s been such a nice summer with so many exciting happenings! Right now I’m just enjoying my last days in Norway, packing, voting, spending time with my family and getting everything sorted before going back to Edinburgh. At this moment I’m currently in a fancy hotel in Bergen with Elisabeth to see Kaizers Orchestra for the very last time.  It’s sad to know that this will be the last time I get to see them live, never thought a band could mean so much for me. My plan is to enjoy every second of this concert!

Not to long before I’m back in Edinburgh again as well, can’t wait to get settled in the new flat and get started with my new courses!

Lots and lots of blog post are queuing with tons of photos from my summer, so stay tuned!

Høstvær i Bergen 016edit

If you think it’s worth it

Fight for it.

What did you do on this day a year ago?

I thought a funny idea for this blog could be to add some “my life a year ago”-photos, since there hasn’t been that many walks with my camera lately and I don’t want to go so long without posting anything.

This photo is taken in Bergen, where I lived last year, and is of my friend Anja. I took part in this competition where the theme was “knowledge”, and used Anja as my model. I find the picture funny, it was a real last-minute effort and badly planned, but I still like how it turned out.

Could this be a good idea for my blog?0
I have so many pictures on my hard drive that I could dust off and show the world!

My furry love


Oh, how I miss this cat. This amazing, fat and ridiculously weird cat. A cat who loved sleeping in boxes, or on her back, being so fat that she worked as her own pillow. She lived with me, my friend and my sunshine for about two months in Bergen, as a project cat from the Animal Protection Bergen. After two months a nice family adopted her, and now she’s living life like a queen.

I’m back in Bergen at this moment, visiting people before I leave!

What I feared has come upon me

A picture I took of myself when I first moved to my own apartment.
I have been holding on to this photo for almost a year now.

I feel a bit scared sharing this, but right now, almost everything is scary.
Still no yes og no from any school, in other words, still no bright future ahead of me. Not knowing if I will start my studies in Edinburgh in september, or if I will be staying in Norway doing….nothing…is so frustrating!

The blog is one month old now and last night it passed 1000 views, yay!


The last picture from the Viking festival, a detail picture of the amazing beadwork one of the “vikings” were wearing.

Last week of work, hoping to get some time to take some pictures! Got so many ideas, really hope I can get some cool shoots before everyone is leaving for the summer.

Viking: Sunniva

A picture taken at the viking festival of my friend, Sunniva.
She has a unofficial part time job as my model, so you will be seeing more of her in my future posts.

Viking: Marita

Taken at the viking festival in Bergen this summer.
This viking’s name is Marita.
Got to love her sword (and hair!).


Spent the whole day outside with my family and my sunshine. Think I got a tan line, or at least a sunburn. Finally, no more pale-jokes!
I have so many pictures piled up now, and at the same time so many posts yet to be posted with pictures taken earlier this summer.  I will be jumping a bit back and forth in time, posting some new and some “old” pictures. These are some of the “old”.
Pics: Some details from the viking festival I went to earlier this summer.
Up next: Pictures of the vikings!

A splendid time is guaranteed for all

Okay! I’ll try this one more time, and this time I promise some more enthusiasm from my side.
Went ahead and bought myself a domain:

This blog will mainly be a photo-blog, but will contain updates when I finally start my studies in Scotland.

My biggest fear is that noone will bother reading/following this, so I’m going to spam the shit out of this blog on facebook/twitter etc.


Self portrait (not sure if you call it portrait when only a foot and some hands are visible, but heck!).
Taken in november ’11

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