Christine – A song of ice and fire





I can’t believe this is my first shoot with this girl, considering she’s been my best friend since we were both 7 years old!

We wanted some dramatic looking winter shoots where she would look warm as the summer, and I think we nailed it pretty good.  I can promise that this will not be the last time you see her as my model! Just love the colors and everything is there photos!

Dust off that red dress, my love





200 followers now!

A big thank you to everyone visiting my site, liking my post and commenting on my pictures, it means the world to me to see that so many people want to follow my blog and find my pictures interesting. Thank you!


These pictures were taken during my shoot with my new model, and best friend, who wanted to take pictures of me as well. So this is my first try as a model, and I must say it was a lot more terrifying than what I thought it would be. It’s hard to know what to do with yourself when there’s someone standing there with a big camera waiting for amazing poses. A new found respect for everyone I’ve ever had a photo shoot with!

Having a shoot outside, in Norway, in January, was a cold experience. You would get so cold after a while that you couldn’t really feel anything when you touched your own skin.

I’ll be posting the pictures of my new model, beautiful Christine, later on. Saving them as a treasure at this moment!

Stay tuned!

Mère nature, nous te saluons










Not much to say, other than that I’m so glad to live in such a beautiful place as I do!
Pictures from a trip I had with my dad today. Such a nice day.


I also had a photo shoot yesterday, which means that I will post some pictures soon, and this time of a brand new model!
Had a great time shooting these pictures, and they turned out amazing, so there will definitely be a second shoot with this girl in the near future!

Here’s to wool sweaters and hot chocolate







Happy new year!

Come back to what you know










Nothing charges my batteries more than a walk in the snow at such a lovely day as today.

I have so much to look forward to before the new year is here, which makes me happy.

A busy mind don’t dwell in the past, and is therefore a happy mind!

Alive and breathing










I’m alive! I survived the exams and finally got to go home for Christmas!

The last couple of days have been so hectic, trying to fit more hours into the day than there is, just to be able to spend time with all the people I want to see! I’ve been upside down in gift wrapping and planning for stuff to do before I go back to Edinburgh in January, and the days just fly by.

After spending almost the entire day shopping for gifts today with lovely Elisabeth, there was finally time for a little creative project!

I’ve wanted to make some tree ornaments that would be both easy and decorative and finally decided to make something with silk ribbons and beads attached to styrofoam. Think my first try turned out pretty good! (And yes, I know I look really dragged and bum-ish on the picture, but hey, a day of shopping in a snow storm will do that to you!)

Love to be home and finally get that Christmas spirit I’ve been waiting for, with a home filled with Santa’s and angels and homemade cookies and tons of snow! I really needed this now. I’ll spend my holiday at home charging my batteries for a new year and a new me. It is time for some changes, which will be a good thing (I hope). I’ve planned at least one shoot this Christmas, with Sunniva, which means more posts and less old pictures to fill up the space, so stay tuned!

Revising in Starbucks





Less than a week left before my first exam, getting pretty nervous now! Every day is devoted to revising as much as possible and my head feels like a balloon on the verge of bursting. Ever had that feeling of reading but not really…absorbing what you read? That’s my everyday life right there…

Can’t wait to get home to Norway! I’ve been told there’s plenty of snow compared to Edinburgh’s weather that reminds me more of early spring than anything else.  Can’t wait to see my friends and family don’t think I’ve ever missed people as much as I have this semester. 11 days to go!

Winter is coming

(Press tiny pics to get full view)

Some pictures of Sunniva taken the day before new years eve in ’10.
A day when the temperatures were freezing, but the light was just perfect.

It is finally December and frost on the ground in the morning. I love it!

Can’t wait for Christmas!



Got a Christmas gift calendar in the mail yesterday from my parents back in Norway! I always feel like a little girl again when Christmas is around the corner and I get my calendar, don’t think I’ll ever grow too old for this!


The exams are coming up; I’m stressed out and find myself struggling to balance my time right. Can’t wait to go back home for Christmas and see my friends and family again! Just three weeks now, but also three exams before that as well…

Went and bought myself a miniature Christmas tree for my room, just to get a hint of that Christmas spirit! Such a cute little tree, it makes me happy just to look at it. It is finally getting colder here, even though the nature still looks a lot like autumn would look in Norway. Would be awesome with a bit of snow, crossing my fingers*.

Skin texture

Exams are coming up.

Time to fight with blood, sweat and tears!