Spent the whole day outside with my family and my sunshine. Think I got a tan line, or at least a sunburn. Finally, no more pale-jokes!
I have so many pictures piled up now, and at the same time so many posts yet to be posted with pictures taken earlier this summer.  I will be jumping a bit back and forth in time, posting some new and some “old” pictures. These are some of the “old”.
Pics: Some details from the viking festival I went to earlier this summer.
Up next: Pictures of the vikings!

Chameleon with friends

Went to the zoo with my sunshine and fell in love with all the amazing colors on the chameleon and lizzards. Can’t wait to start my four year study in zoology this september, in Edinburgh. Still waiting for an answer from the Uni of Edinburgh…
Got sick, again, but managed to download lightroom (yay, pirates!). Will be posting more pictures now that I’ve got a editing program again!

People are always asking me if I know Tyler Durden

My sunshine gave me a book this winter, which name I can’t share, cause I would be breaking the first rule.
Any guesses?

Managed to dig up my old photoshop elements from the bookshelf, don’t think it will be enough, I miss photoshop CS5.
Today my sunshine and I are planning a trip to the zoo! Fun!

22. july

22.july today. A year has already passed.
Seems like yesterday.
My thoughts goes out to everyone affected.
Being a little bit extra Norwegian and proud today.

Up high

After a lot of days mostly containing work, work and more work, my sunshine and I finally have a few days were we can look forward to enjoy the summer together. I’ve taken a lot of pictures lately and will be posting them here as soon as I get some kind of editing program up and running.
Crazy how much I depend on photoshop, Paint just doesn’t do the trick…

Anja 21!

A few pictures from the surprise party I threw for Anja.
They got a little delayed, my sunshine arrived on tuesday, and I’ve been working and spending time with him the last couple of days.

The pictures are few, and they are badly edited. All of a sudden, my not-so-much-legally-downloaded-photoshop crashed and burned, leaving me without any program to edit my pictures in. Guess I’ll have to buy…(download) photoshop again.

Warm summer breeze blows endlessly

(Press the tiny pics to get a slide show)

Photos of my good friend, Aurora.
Taken last summer (’11), at a perfect summer day.

I never felt like these pictures got the attention they deserved, so they are getting a second chance here!
I love using Aurora as a model, her face is almost like a little doll, so cute.

A splendid time is guaranteed for all

Okay! I’ll try this one more time, and this time I promise some more enthusiasm from my side.
Went ahead and bought myself a domain:

This blog will mainly be a photo-blog, but will contain updates when I finally start my studies in Scotland.

My biggest fear is that noone will bother reading/following this, so I’m going to spam the shit out of this blog on facebook/twitter etc.


Self portrait (not sure if you call it portrait when only a foot and some hands are visible, but heck!).
Taken in november ’11

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Plastic cups


Last night I arranged a surprise party for Anja, one of my best friends. Great people and good food!
Pics will be posted soon!

Sculpture made out of plastic cups.
From my trip to Hamar, visiting my sunshine.