Haggis Adventures 3-day Skye High Trip – Day 2

“NORWAAAAAAY!” Day two! The liquid sunshine disappeared and left us with some real sun and nice temperatures. We left the hostel and Loch Ness early in the morning, heading for the Isle of Skye! We were told that Skye most likely would be a rather cold and misty experience, but to our big surprise (and the guide who couldn’t stop saying “oh my god,…

Haggis Adventures 3-day Skye High Trip – Day 1

Finally, the weekend was here! This trip was amazing in so many ways. Can’t believe I won this! We depatured from Edinburgh at 08.30 in the morning with the Haggis-bus with 27 other people and our own guide for the trip named “Paddy”. He called the rainy weather for liquid sunshine and wanted us to scream “AYE” as pirates when he called our name….

That trip that gets stuck in your mind

In ’09 my family and I went to South Africa on safari for ten days. It was the best trip ever, and I still find myself thinking of going back almost every day. School is challenging, but really interesting at the same time, even though I must say most of the lectures we have leaves me sitting there like a big question mark. Hopefully…

Plastic cups

  Last night I arranged a surprise party for Anja, one of my best friends. Great people and good food! Pics will be posted soon! Pics: Sculpture made out of plastic cups. From my trip to Hamar, visiting my sunshine.