Aurora – Last Breeze of Summer

The last bunch of photos taken this summer, thought it was about time to share them. There is so much to do these days! School is hard, but I really, really enjoy it here. It is so nice to be able to make my own food whenever I want, and to sleep in a big, soft bed. I got the best flat mates I…

Aurora. Part two. In the flesh

Another part from the shoot with Aurora. This was such a fun and impulsive shoot, which seems to be the perfect way for us to take cool pictures. It’s always the impulsive shoots that turn out the best. And hey, don’t you just love her tattoos! | I will be moving to Edinburgh in just four days, which right now feels so unreal. Have…

New shoot with Aurora. Part one

Finally! Since my dear friend Aurora had gotten several new tattoos this year, some really big (as the one you can see on the back), and some smaller, we both agreed that it was time for a new shoot this summer. Really wantet the focus to be on her amazing tattoos on these pictures. Feedback is as always really appreciated! Still living life in…


Had some problems with the shipping on my new shop, but it should be fixed now. I now ship world wide!

My shop is open!

So, the 13th of August, this blog will be one month old. Hoping to reach 1000 page views before that. The photo shoot I had planned this week got postponed because my model got sick. Can’t really take good pictures when the model is pale and sick. | But some good news: my shop is open! Press the pictures to go to my new…

Do your ears hang low? Can you tie them in a bow?

My personal cheering team: a little kitty from the Animal Protection Bergen (gift from my sunshine), John Lennon in Sgt. Peppers outfit (also from my sunshine), Gary from Spongebob, cutest “cat” ever, a fabric mouse I made during my year at Folkehøgskole, and of course my green love, Shrek. | I’ve had several sewing projects going on this summer, mostly clothing for both children…

Kaizers Vodka

Kaizers Orchestra premium vodka, a collectible item from the band, limited edition. I just love the design on this bottle. Empty or not, still a pretty awesome decoration for my room. Been a lot of multi tasking the last couple of days, trying to get time to something else besides work. Finally had my last day of work yesterday, now the time for friends…


The last picture from the Viking festival, a detail picture of the amazing beadwork one of the “vikings” were wearing. Last week of work, hoping to get some time to take some pictures! Got so many ideas, really hope I can get some cool shoots before everyone is leaving for the summer.

Viking: Sunniva

A picture taken at the viking festival of my friend, Sunniva. She has a unofficial part time job as my model, so you will be seeing more of her in my future posts.

Viking: Marita

Taken at the viking festival in Bergen this summer. This viking’s name is Marita. Got to love her sword (and hair!).