Full of life, full of love


It’s been a great week with good old friends visiting me in Edinburgh, both from France and America. So nice to be with people that know you well and care about you, this was a much needed break from a semester which has mostly been all about studying. We had tons of tasty food, laughs and jokes, shopping, several visits to pubs with mandatory jega games, and of course Japanese drinking games! Pepper Yamyam (no idea how to write that)! Even got time for a little photo shoot with my beautiful french girls, which I will post here soon! They turned out so nice, even with the weather being really cold and windy.

Now it’s 100% revision mode on until I head back to Norway for Christmas! Can’t wait to come home to white snow and home made meals and be with my family again. I will definitely take a lot of photos in Norway and post them here, so stay tuned! (:


3 Comments on “Full of life, full of love

  1. Sounds like you had a fun break. I hope you enjoy your time with your family when you go back home. Thanks for the like and I look forward to seeing more if your blogs in the future.

  2. Good morning from the States! Thanks so much for following my blog, Tide Line Still Life. Oh, how I would love to walk some of your tide lines in Norway! While you are in
    Edinburgh, you should venture down to the North Sea coast. One of my very favorite beaches in the world is there, Cocklawburn.
    Your portraiture is positively lovely! I look forward to your photos from Christmas at home, as well as some more glorious portraits! Best, Maggie

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