6 925 piercings and one unicorn later













Look at the unicorns! Actually Scotland’s national animal, no joke.




As part of my “go out and take pictures once a week”-plan, this Saturday was spent walking around in Edinburgh in the sunny (but windy!) weather. Met a woman I’ve been hoping to meet since I moved here, Elaine Davidson, and got a few photos with her! She was really nice, and so cheerful. So happy to finally have seen her in real life!

Wandered around for a bit before ending up visiting Edinburgh Castle. One thing I love about this city is how there’s treasures everywhere! Beautiful churches on almost every corner, old buildings with the most amazing details, and so many historical places to visit. Also found out that Scotland’s national animal is a unicorn, which is just hilarious! Wish Norway had something more exciting than an elk…like…Spongebob Squarepants or something! That would have been so cool ~dream~.

Got a new phone now, Samsung galaxy SIII, so some of the photos were taken with the phone camera, since the lighting inside many of the buildings at the castle was rather dark, making it impossible for my Nikon lens to get enough light. Don’t think they turned out to bad either.

My days consist of staying at the library reading for my exams, going home late and then going to bed. All my flat mates are at home, so it’s soooo quiet here. Miss having someone to tell me to do the dishes, haha. It’s gonna be so nice to have them back at the end of the week, the flat feels so incomplete without them.

Oh! Also got my old Nikon D50 now, which my flat mate Ellie will be borrowing, so now I’ll get a photo buddy! Yay! Hopefully that will mean more photos and more activity on the blog.

7 Comments on “6 925 piercings and one unicorn later

  1. nice pics Aqua Vitae!
    Love the one with the cannon and the second one with the books.
    Thanks for sharing and of course for following my blogg! You’re the very first to follow it! Thanks! It makes me really happy!

  2. I was in Edinburgh for a short while and saw the piercing lady across the street, one day. I thought to go up to her to get a photo of or with her, but decided against it. I returned home to the states to find out that she’s the woman with THE most piercings! A missed opportunity that was :[ Lovely photos!

    • Ah, she’s on the royal mile almost every day during the summer, so if you ever come back to Edinburgh, make sure you get a photo with her! Fun fact, she got married a couple of years ago to a man with NO piercings or tattoos, haha.

      • Aw, well good for her! I wonder how that’s working for them. Imagine the complications if they were both excessively pierced.

        And, yes! I’ve already got my mind set on hopefully returning one day, so I won’t let the opportunity slide, again.

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