Dust off that red dress, my love





200 followers now!

A big thank you to everyone visiting my site, liking my post and commenting on my pictures, it means the world to me to see that so many people want to follow my blog and find my pictures interesting. Thank you!


These pictures were taken during my shoot with my new model, and best friend, who wanted to take pictures of me as well. So this is my first try as a model, and I must say it was a lot more terrifying than what I thought it would be. It’s hard to know what to do with yourself when there’s someone standing there with a big camera waiting for amazing poses. A new found respect for everyone I’ve ever had a photo shoot with!

Having a shoot outside, in Norway, in January, was a cold experience. You would get so cold after a while that you couldn’t really feel anything when you touched your own skin.

I’ll be posting the pictures of my new model, beautiful Christine, later on. Saving them as a treasure at this moment!

Stay tuned!

6 Comments on “Dust off that red dress, my love

  1. I love your photographic work – modelling seems to suit you too x

  2. It is quite nerve racking to be on the opposite side of the lens being the focus. I rarely get pictures taken of myself because I feel people cannot really capture my essence. But then, I am told, as I tell other people, it is how you are viewed through another’s eyes! I find music helps you figure out what to do… just imagine tunes playing if you don’t have a radio handy. You photograph well!

    • Aah, I know. I was not feeling comfortable at all in front of the camera! A new level of respect for my models, it is much harder than it looks! Thank you for your nice words!<3

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