Can’t wait for Christmas!



Got a Christmas gift calendar in the mail yesterday from my parents back in Norway! I always feel like a little girl again when Christmas is around the corner and I get my calendar, don’t think I’ll ever grow too old for this!


The exams are coming up; I’m stressed out and find myself struggling to balance my time right. Can’t wait to go back home for Christmas and see my friends and family again! Just three weeks now, but also three exams before that as well…

Went and bought myself a miniature Christmas tree for my room, just to get a hint of that Christmas spirit! Such a cute little tree, it makes me happy just to look at it. It is finally getting colder here, even though the nature still looks a lot like autumn would look in Norway. Would be awesome with a bit of snow, crossing my fingers*.

Skin texture

Exams are coming up.

Time to fight with blood, sweat and tears!

What did you do on this day a year ago?

I thought a funny idea for this blog could be to add some “my life a year ago”-photos, since there hasn’t been that many walks with my camera lately and I don’t want to go so long without posting anything.

This photo is taken in Bergen, where I lived last year, and is of my friend Anja. I took part in this competition where the theme was “knowledge”, and used Anja as my model. I find the picture funny, it was a real last-minute effort and badly planned, but I still like how it turned out.

Could this be a good idea for my blog?0
I have so many pictures on my hard drive that I could dust off and show the world!

Soft surrender

Over 100 followers now.

I cannot believe that so many people would find my photos interesting enough to follow me. Have to admit, it makes me a bit emotional. Thank you so much to everyone who is following me, and hello and welcome to new followers!

Pale skin, glow sticks and bruised knees

A walk in the autumn air

Just some pictures from this sunday when I went for a walk. Still no sign of any winter!


It keeps getting colder and colder here now, but still no snow. Have to admit that I kind of miss the frosty November in Norway more than I thought I would. Edinburgh is still in autumn-mode and serves us rain with a hint of more rain every other day or so.

I miss my family and my friends now, miss having people around me that knows me and that can give me a big hug when needed. Can’t wait to get home for Christmas and see everyone again! But, don’t get me wrong, I love it here as well! The exams are just a month away, which gives me a mini heart attack every time I think about it, but I have realistic goals for the first semester: pass the exams.

I’m hoping for some sun and fresh autumn air tomorrow, so that I can go on a long walk with my camera. Really feel like the creative-nature loving side of me is being totally overrun by the try-to-understand-everything-at-school-me. Time to find a balance that works better, I think.


There’s been so much to do lately school wise, with a bunch of lab reports and a essay, plus a mid-term exam in chemistry coming up, that I don’t feel like there is time enough to do it all! Haven’t been out for a walk with my camera in ages, which makes me a bit sad now that all the beautiful autumn colors are here, and almost gone as well. Hopefully things will calm down a bit after this week, giving me time to do the things that I find important in my life.

Haggis Adventures 3-day Skye High Trip – Day 3 (part 2)

The last part from the 3-day trip around Scotland!

Autumn is here in all its amazing colors, I love it! Nothing can beat that special smell of autumn air when walking in the woods taking pictures of the leaves in their fall-colors. This trip was so amazing, I’m really glad I got the opportunity for me and my sunshine to experience this trip almost completely for free!