The Sea and the Rhythm

Got inspired by Lill’s blog post and took some flower power pictures. You should visit her blog, it’s amazing!

Noticed the lighting on the pictures of Sunniva on my last post got really bright when I uploaded them. Not sure what happened, they look different on my pc screen, where the lightning is perfect, but somehow they look overexposed when I posted them… Weird.


So my dad is turning 5o this weekend, and I got the job to make some play lists for the evening. Can’t really say I have any clue what kind of music to play at a family gathering where everyone but me and my sister is older than 40 years.
If anyone got some ideas, let me know!


Only a little over a week before I leave, should probably start packing now. My room is a mess, clothes everywhere, almost like a walk in closet except the clothes are on the floor, not on hangers.

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