The Sea and the Rhythm

Got inspired by Lill’s blog post and took some flower power pictures. You should visit her blog, it’s amazing!

Noticed the lighting on the pictures of Sunniva on my last post got really bright when I uploaded them. Not sure what happened, they look different on my pc screen, where the lightning is perfect, but somehow they look overexposed when I posted them… Weird.


So my dad is turning 5o this weekend, and I got the job to make some play lists for the evening. Can’t really say I have any clue what kind of music to play at a family gathering where everyone but me and my sister is older than 40 years.
If anyone got some ideas, let me know!


Only a little over a week before I leave, should probably start packing now. My room is a mess, clothes everywhere, almost like a walk in closet except the clothes are on the floor, not on hangers.

A new shoot with Sunniva. Part one

The first pictures from me and Sunniva‘s new shoot taken a little while back. Just got back from a weekend in Oslo, visiting some of my friends before leaving for Scotland! Only a week and a half left now, can’t wait to finally be on my way!

Some creative projects

Went to a marked earlier this summer in my home made dress, trying to sell some of the things I’ve made. My sunshine went with me, being super patient and cute. Bought the prettiest little blue purse. Used more than I earned this day, but heck, pretty blue purse! You can find the bows here.

I’m back home from my trip to Bergen, but not for long! Leaving for Oslo on friday, visiting more friends. So many to visit and so little time to do so before leaving! 17 days to go!

New shoot with Aurora. Part one


Since my dear friend Aurora had gotten several new tattoos this year, some really big (as the one you can see on the back), and some smaller, we both agreed that it was time for a new shoot this summer. Really wantet the focus to be on her amazing tattoos on these pictures. Feedback is as always really appreciated!

Still living life in Bergen, visiting some of my friends and saying goodbye to all of them before leaving to go study in Edinburgh!

There will be more post in the near future with a bunch of pictures, so if you like what you’ve seen so far, hit the follow button!

My furry love


Oh, how I miss this cat. This amazing, fat and ridiculously weird cat. A cat who loved sleeping in boxes, or on her back, being so fat that she worked as her own pillow. She lived with me, my friend and my sunshine for about two months in Bergen, as a project cat from the Animal Protection Bergen. After two months a nice family adopted her, and now she’s living life like a queen.

I’m back in Bergen at this moment, visiting people before I leave!

Edinburgh, here I come

This email confirms your place at The University of Edinburgh for the Biological Sciences (Zoology).
Your course starts in September 2012.”

I have no words… Just so relieved. Finally!!!

Looking back – Sunniva in 08′

I can not believe this shoot with my friend Sunniva is already four years old! This is the first shoot I ever did, and looking back, comparing with my later shoots, this looks very amateur ish (the photos, lighting and editing). It’s fun to look back at these photos, they make me feel like I have some kind of progress in my work. Hoping to get that shoot with Sunniva done this week, before traveling to Bergen for a little while.

What I feared has come upon me

A picture I took of myself when I first moved to my own apartment.
I have been holding on to this photo for almost a year now.

I feel a bit scared sharing this, but right now, almost everything is scary.
Still no yes og no from any school, in other words, still no bright future ahead of me. Not knowing if I will start my studies in Edinburgh in september, or if I will be staying in Norway doing….nothing…is so frustrating!

The blog is one month old now and last night it passed 1000 views, yay!


Had some problems with the shipping on my new shop, but it should be fixed now. I now ship world wide!

My shop is open!

So, the 13th of August, this blog will be one month old. Hoping to reach 1000 page views before that.

The photo shoot I had planned this week got postponed because my model got sick. Can’t really take good pictures when the model is pale and sick.


But some good news: my shop is open!

Press the pictures to go to my new shop! Hope someone find something they like here. Feedback is really appreciated!